Review Policy

Terms of review

I love to read and write and my interests are books, books and more books. S
ince I am primarily a book review author, I would like to put forward some facts.

I do post honest reviews in return to the books.
The review will be my honest analysis in any case. 

Reviews come in two sections, normal and paid ones. For normal review, I will be sharing it in Amazon and Goodreads. For paid reviews, I post the reviews in my Blog, Facebook , Twitter and Goodreads .You can follow me there to know the updates.  

I assert: The reviews I post are my honest opinions and I will not in any case write positive reviews, just like that. 

If in any case I wont be able to post the review, I would inform you beforehand.

On that note I would like to clarify that I would be proceeding in 
the order of reception of books but books supplied by  blog tours and  publishers might squeeze in sometimes due to the specific review policies with them. 

For paid reviews, I will be posting the review within one week or 15 days of reception of the book depending upon the choice of the author.

Review Program

Apart from the review in my blog, we also provide review services(Includes e-books). Find the details to the review program- On the Outset

Guest Blog

Well, for guest blog, the terms are specific. You need to contact me here