Review Guidelines

Outset Review Program is an initiative to bring authors with readers. As a reader and a reviewer you are held responsible for the professional approach towards how you are presenting the reviews.

Outset Reviewer Guidelines 

By signing up for the review program with Outset, you agree with the terms and conditions for posting the review. You agree that you would abide by the rules and if in any case you fail to do so, you could be blacklisted by Outset Books.


The deadline for submitting the review is 15 days from purchase for Kindle and 15 days from reception of the book for paperback.
In case of emergencies, the reviewer can inform us and would be given time extension as an exemption but a reviewer who repeatedly breaks the timeline would be removed and blacklisted.  Don't sign up if you have exams, weddings or any such commitments coming up.

Negative Reviews 

In a scenario where you did not like the book, you are free to express it but your critical review should be a professional one and not one to trash the book and the author for that matter. Name calling, personal attacks and use of derogatory terms are strictly prohibited.

Amazon and Goodreads Rating

If your rating is 3 or less, kindly refrain from posting in Amazon. Inform us instead, and wait for further instructions. 


If we notice that someone has copy pasted someone else's review, the person would be warned once and blacklisted of repeated

Word count

The review should be 300 word long and should contain the detailed analysis of the book. Copy pasted blurb will not be counted in the word length.

Mandatory disclaimer

Your review in the blog should have the line this review is a part of the review program by Outset books with a backlink to Outset Books. 
If the reviews posted on the Instagram, tag @Outsetbooks and @rakhijayashankar instead of hyperlink.

Once you receive the book, share about the same in your stories and tag us and the author 

The information shared in the mails are confidential. You cannot use these for any competitors or against Outset.

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