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  1. The form did not show whether it worked. Sent twice; second time, gave details of pages etc.

  2. Hi, I tried to submit but I'm not sure it worked! Here was the message I tried to send:

    Hello! Your page stood out to me as a strong community of readers who seek out fascinating books, and I love the simple structure of your site!

    With POWER, the second book of my series TRUTH, I am very excited to submit it for your review because it just came out June 21st!

    POWER consists of poetry written over the course of one week, taking the reader on a fast-paced journey of heartbreak, self-empowerment, and hope. At 84 pages, it tells a succinct story of self-development made up of small but powerful moments. It can be considered New Adult, Romance, Poetry, or even Self-Help. As a rising author and poet, I love honest feedback and would really appreciate your time and thoughts.

    Here is the link on Amazon:
    Here is the link to my Goodreads:
    My Instagram: @geraldinespoetry
    My Twitter: @geraldinespoems

    If you are interested, I would be happy to send you a copy of my book as well!

    Thanks so much in advance,

    Please email me back at!


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