Thrilling Entertaining Cold Justice by Vish Dhamija

 Vish Dhamija - The name brings the picture of John Grisham. Yes, our Indian John Grisham is back with another thrilling murder mystery. As usual, the unique background plot, basket full of suspense, and seamless switch from the present to the past is just so classic style of the author. Having known the author I was conscious not to influence it in my review and give an honest critical review. But the author has made it tough for me with this impeccable piece fo writing. Hence here is the disclaimer, the following review is indeed a positive one but uninfluenced by any acquaintance whatsoever.

Fresh plot

Akash Hingorani, after a long flight, switched on his phone to numerous missed calls from Judge Shilpa who happened to be his lady love once. Unable to reach her back, and uncomfortably ruffled by curiosity, Akash stumbles upon a piece of news where a judge is arrested on murder charges. Knowing that it is Smita herself , Akash takes his flight back to home to be by her side and stand by her. 

The plot itself is a fresh breeze amongst the cliche plot that has been making rounds repetitively. A judge arrested on murder charges, an advocate who was her paramour steps in to argue the case for her. The complicated hassles and the Daedalian relationship status bring the readers to the edge of their seats while keeping them entertained for the rest of the plot.

Strong female characters

The female character howsoever menial it might seem, have a prominent role in the plot, and its a reprieve to see that they are all strong in terms of their personal and professional lives in the fact that they know what to do with their lives at any point of perpetual setbacks and they are hardly at a quandary when it comes to decision making. While female characters have been given equal space in contemporary books, their strength has been portrayed in a shallow sense. But here we can see strong women with mettle. 

Legal thriller - What's unique

As with any legal thriller, Cold Justice also gives us back-and-forth argumentative proofs and twists, the introduction of new scenarios,s and surprises. Without indecipherable legal jargons the author has pulled off an edge of the seat thriller. 


  1. Seems a different story plot. Not a typical thriller. But judge charged for murder seems interesting. Would like to know more about it.

  2. Though I am mot much into reading thriller and murder mystery genera books. but the plot of this book sounds interesting to me. presence of strong female characters is another reason that make this book more appealing to me.

  3. I love thriller books and this book looks so intriguing, thanks for sharing such an honest review. I will get my copy soon.

  4. Am sure those into murder mysteries will love the book.I read John Grisham when i was a youngster now I am totally off murder mysteries. My forte is very light reading as I find it too heavy on my psyche.

  5. i would love to grab the copy of this legal thriller; the pplot seems interesting. Glad to know the writer's writing style is not influenced by his previous works.

  6. books with strong female characters always entice me. And an refreshing book with an interesting plot is what i need to read now. Thanks for recommending, will check if its on kindle

  7. This truly looks like fresh plot. And reading a romance that has a different perspective is a good way to showcase other sides of life that are normal.

  8. Thriller murder mystery... What else can I ask for. My favorite genre. Would love to grab my copy as it sounds very intriguing. Thanks for such a wonderful review.

  9. To be honest this is not my kind of genre book. But your review has compelled me to think about picking up the book of this legal thriller


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