Truth Digger - The Best of Shovon Chakraborty Review

 National Reading Day has gone by and left behind several questions regarding reading and the purpose of reading. What we take home while we read is also an important factor that decides how we evolve as a human being. While we are mulling over it, I came across a collection of articles by a writer of extraordinary craft. Shovon Chowdhury is a master of satire and stalwart of literature.

Truth Digger - The Best Of Shovon Chowdhury

The author is natural in bringing forth the humor while exposing the reality.  He has spared none and holds an unbiased approach towards every aspect be it politics, history or any walks of life for that matter. 

From the extracts of his long running series in The Hindu to the excerpts from his novels he has given the readers a literary treat. His narrative holds a depth that force the readers to think beyond the obvious. At some points i had to read the passage twice or thrice to absorb his message.

The author had invariably left me thinking about the social set up of this country. A collection of thought-provoking pieces with some entertaining aspects.


  1. Quite a different type of a book.Sometimes, we need to read, unread and then read again with a fresh mind to understand the essence of the book.

  2. Thanks a lot for introducing me to this gifted author Shovon Chakraborty. I love reading satires and contemporary articles and I am sure I will like to read this book.

  3. That seems a different kind of book, that provokes your thoughts. I liked how the author has shared his approach in an interesting way

  4. It seems this book has impressed you a lot at various level. I had heard a lot about Shovon Chowdhury but never get a chance to read his work. this one seems extra ordinary write up by him.

  5. This book looks so different from other books and I would really like to read more in details. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Understanding satire is an art and one has to know the knowledge of the subject to get the hold of it. Have never read any satire book, have to start soon.

  7. I like these short reviews. Just give a gist of the book and leave it to the reader to read the book and make their own opinion. I like to read the subtle humour.

  8. There are some literary pieces that require reading at different levels and at different times to understand them completely. This surely look alike of that kind.


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