Prophet and Other Works - The Quotes Kahlin Gibran has Sprikled for The Generations to Come By

 Kahlil Gibran the legend who has ruled the hearts with sheer brilliance and inimitable talent with words. When I got hi Prophet and other works for review, I did not have to think twice. For I knew I am going to get my hands on a classic. Hence this is indeed not a review. It is musing by a reader who is stuck between the quotes Kahlil Gibran has sprinkled all over this work of fiction.

Quotes Khalil Gibran - Prophet and other works

The prophet

The prophet is a classic by Kahlil Gibran. It is presented as the 26 lessons narrated by Al Mustafa. It is the ultimate lesson of philosophy. What makes it a timeless classic is the fact that the lessons are all the more relevant in contemporary lives.

And there are those who have truth within them, but they tell it not in words.

Each sentence of this work is a quote Kahlil Gibran has crafted with a touch of magic. Each one is unique and stands true if taken alone.

Quotes Khalil Gibran - Prophet and other works by Khalil Gibran

The works of magic

The works that we see further, be it Broken wings , the creator or any other work, each of them gives us ultimate lessons of understanding, fighting your ego, being true to one's self, and that of love, life, and death. These are pearls of wisdom that we could cherish for the rest of our lives.

This is one book that every literature lover should possess. The works are handpicked ones and they are collated into a 209-page book that you can carry anywhere and keep with you for life. Moving forward, this is one book that I would want my kids to read again and ag


  1. It seems you are a big fan of khalil gibran. and this book sounds like an amazing read for literature lovers. thanks dear for sharing your honest review with us.

  2. I am impressed with your choice of books. This clearly indicates how colorful is your reading habit. The book looks really interesting to me and the credit goes to you

  3. Wow literature interests me a lot and sure does the quote you've mentioned here. I'm a fan of khalil too. Will definitely pick this up


  4. Great book and I agree that kids would want to read too. The story is nice and lessons to be learned too! Great book review! Keep writing!

  5. This book sounds like a Classic read for book lovers...you always come up with different books and I am the person who only put my hand on romance or suspense novels. Love the choice of your read.
    - Anjali Tripathi

  6. Your book recommendations are always great . Again this books seems very interesting to me . I will try to cover this .

  7. I am yet to read Khalil Gibran , your review is compelling me to pick one of his book as philosophy is one of my favorite subject.

  8. Di I too have read this book and was stunned with the elements and how easily it connected me. Di you are in apt in saying that the lessons are more relevant in contemporary lives...this will become a memorable classic once readers read it.

  9. Wow amazing dear, I haven't read this book but after reading your post I really feel to read it. Your recommendation is really amazing.

  10. I've read this book and loved it . As you said it indeed is a book that every reader should possess and cherish. I like your recommendations and follow them.

  11. I love to read books about philosophy. Your review is compelling me to pick this book . Thanks for sharing.

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