Benefits Of Chocolate Eating While Reading Books

I have never been someone who used to gobble up chocolates but pregnancy did the magic. I ended up being born a chocolate lover and boom, my books are chocolates became my ecstasy. Being a Biotechnologist and Holistic wellness, I knew the benefits of chocolate eating while reading books and decided to go forward with this newfound hobby. But yes I knew how to eat chocolate without gaining weight. While I am at it, let me share what I know about the benefits of chocolate eating while reading books.

Benefits of Chocolate eating

Benefits of chocolate eating

There are numerous benefits of chocolate eating be it while reading or studying or working. Let's see a few

1. Improved blood flow to the brain

Chocolate enhances the blood flow to your brain and thus your brain functions better. This in turn improves your memory and concentration. You could be reading for entertainment, studies, or work but the flavonoids in chocolate, especially the dark chocolate, would do the magic.

2. Protects skin against sun damage

Are you a book maniac like me who loved to read anywhere under the sun? Basking under the sunlight, by the poolside or on the beach, or sitting in your garden? A bar of chocolate or two could protect your skin from sun damage. But, don't sit under the sun in the middle of the day and get sunburned in peak summer just because I told you to.:)

3. Improves vision

While I near the climax, I cannot help but stay awake the whole night with a bar of chocolate so that sleep would be at bay. This in turn helped in preventing the damage of reading with strained eyes and a sleepy head.
Benefits of Chocolate eating - Beetees Melt Chocolate

4. Enhances the mood

If you are a book lover, reading itself is ecstasy but have you tried and experienced how ecstatic you feel after eating a bar of chocolate while reading? The phenylethylamine present in chocolate helps in improving your mood and you would be able to enjoy the book better. This is all the better if you are studying. This is one of the best benefits of chocolate eating that you could tap into.

5. No reason is needed

While there are many more benefits of chocolate eating while reading, do you read to state anymore? If you like eating chocolate while reading just go for it but keep in mind to eat the right type of chocolate that is healthy and without any side effects and added sugar.
Beetees Melt Chocolate

Recently I stumbled upon the chocolate by Beetees Melt Chocolate. Their chocolates are devoid of refined sugar. They have dark chocolates, milk chocolates, and coconut milk chocolates but none of them have refined sugar and palm sugar instead. Should I state the benefits of palm sugar? I know that you know it better. So stop fretting and grab your chocolate and have an ecstatic reading experience.  If you are a book lover, join our Outset Book Club and be with other book lovers. We also have Outset Books Facebook Group.


  1. Manisha - Chocolate is love, and thanks to whoever invented it. I know chocolate has many benefits but not all of these, thanks for sharing. Will surely try Beetees Chocolate they look like a great option.

  2. I loved the last reason absolutely! And every point I felt was so good explained!
    Eat chocolates and it will do the needful!

  3. Books and chocolates make for a great combo. Books transport you into a world beyond the frontiers of imagination and chocolates are the fuel that will drive you.

  4. Wow!! that's great news for chocolate lovers. I think I have to hide these benefits from my boy because he is very fond of eating chocolatešŸ¤­. I've been hearing a lot about Beetees Melt chocolate lately. I will definitely try these when they become available in Oman.
    - Anjali Tripathi

  5. Wow loved reading these benefits of chocolate eating. Been hearing great reviews about this brand will check


  6. ohhh..something new! haha..never thought of this topic despite doing it more often than I imagine I am doing it. haha... The points you've highlighted are very true!

  7. Wow, this is something I was not aware at all. Eating chocolate during reading improves vision is very new concept for me .


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