A Time Outside This Time by Amitav Kumar

 A can see a booker prize coming out way! The review of Time Outside the Time by Amitav Kumar could not be started with a better introduction. The enchanting master of literature had once again stolen the hearts of the readers with his classic and unique narrative. If you belong to the hate club of literary fiction, you better not read the book for you would be forced to quit the club...

A Time Outside This Time  by Amitav Kumar

Classic plunge into the raw human lives

The review might be sycophantic to the readers but the finesse of the craft in by Amitav Kumar has forced me to tread the same path. Yes! I am head over heels in love with the writer's craft. There are only a few books that made me question my finesse. 
The plot of A Time Outside This Time takes off with the monologue of Satya. Satya is an author who wrote a book about the different strata of the philosophy of truth and lies. Like the boy who kills the ants to feed other ants, the author is baiting the circumstances around him that are unique, bizarre yet common.

Quirky reality

The author's quirky narration style makes the book all the more endearing for the readers. The author derives several layers of perspectives for a single incident through A Time Outside This Time. In minor instances of life-changing circumstances, the author has picked the humorous element in all of them. 

Hunt for plot

The character of Satya who hunts for plots is relatable to all creatives aspirants. The author has delved deep into the psyche of Satya so that towards the end of the first half, the readers would be empathetic to the author himself. The character of Farooq is another lively one that, the author has crafted with subservience.
Overall A Time Outside This Time by Amitav Kumar is a riveting account of contemporary reality laid bare with the scalpel of literature. 
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  1. Seems this book would make us question about a lot of things. Looks a good book worth reading. Thanks for the review.

  2. That seems like a really interesting book, will definitely pick it up next.

  3. The character of Satya seems interesting to me and your review has made me curious to know more about the book. will try to check out this book dear. thanks for sharing your honest review.

  4. I am not into book reading but 'A Time Outside The Time' by Amitav Kumar seems like a must read. Your book review has gotten me excited to place an order today.

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  6. A Time Outside This Time looks an interesting take on the post-pandemic world and provides an unintended analysis of the actions, decisions and responses to the call-for-action situations.

  7. Time Outside the Time seems like an interesting read with Satya hunting on the plots. I would love to pick this up sometime for a nice read.

  8. Quirky reads are fun.... the title is intriguing and your review has convinced me to pick this up.. thank you for sharing the book...

  9. Quirky reads are fun.... the title is intriguing and your review has convinced me to pick this up.. thank you for sharing the book...

  10. when you are appreciating the author's fineness in this work then it cl
    early indicates that the book is worthy enough to read.

  11. Thank you for sharing this book, it looks like an interesting read. I really love your style of presentation and your honest opinions.

  12. This looks like a very intriguing read with a unique plot and concept. I appreciate your honest reviews.


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