You'll Always Be My Favorite What If By Tshree

The love-hate trope of protagonists is the hot selling one . The intensity of love, the repulsion of hatred, the tug of war of unsaid emotions, the plot gives a lot of possibilities to the author to work on. You'll always be my favorite what if by @tshree_author is one book that has exploited the possible scenarios budding from this trope.

The intense trope:

Amisha and Avyansh can't stand each other and cannot live without. The fact that they havent seen each other for nearly two decades doesn't subdue their obsession for the other. Amisha is in a toxic relationship with her husband, one that is soon going to end. 

Engaging narrative:

The author has presented her finesse in playing with words around human emotions. The impeccably beautiful style of narrative is the highlight of the book. The characters are all developed over time in the book. 

Powerful female protagonist:

It is a welcome change to see an equally powerful female protagonist as that of a male protagonist amidst flood of average girl vs business tycoon tropes. However the deliberate efforts to tell the readers about the 'richness' of the heroine is a put off. It could have been showing instead  of telling. 

The book is recommended to all contemporary romance lovers.


  1. This book was making rounds allover Instagram and Facebook well before it launched in the market. The commercial I saw was impressive and the word trope is instigating to try this romantic book.

  2. It's been a while since I've read a romance novel with this trope. I get what you mean about the telling instead of showing can be put off. Sometimes it makes a story a bit dull to read and readers can't visualise the scene or the character. (Reens)

  3. I love the way you review a book. It's always interesting and to the point without any spoilers. This seems to be a different kind of romantic novel, maybe I'll read it sometime later.

  4. I totally love the way you review the books. You talk about it without any spoilers which really want us to read more. I have seen this book all over social media. Thanks!

  5. The book is one of the hot pick now a days and I saw it in various site. I really appreciate your detailed review and honest opinion.Ita really nice one.

  6. Seriously Di after a long time got to know about a book on a strong female protagonist which is a miracle for me as I was searching for one. This made my day Di..going to add it in my tbr list..luv u di

  7. I loved to see that the book has more focus on female protagonist. It looks like the story is attractive and ypu really enjoyed reading it.


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