Teenage Chronicles by Saania Saxena - Review

Every human being has passed through teenage. While the teenage memories would be different for different people, the insecurities they have dealt with would be different. Saniya, through her book Teenage Chronicles, has portrayed a detailed account of the different seemingly simple yet practically distressing situations that a teenager would go through.

Being a Teenager:

The book is an unpretentious account of her personal life depicted in lucid and compelling language. A teenager's journey of self-discovery gives you a perspective that you would never expect from a girl of her age. It is endearing and awe-inspiring to see the current generation willing to have an intellectual endeavor.

Imaginary reality:

The imaginary characters whom she crafted to complement each chapter added spice to the book. The micro tales, in the beginning, create intrigue about what she would be talking about next. The author has touched on all troubled topics of teenagers.

The philosophical teachings of world leaders indicate how well-read this teenager is.

The book is ideal for teenagers and parents with teenagers.


  1. Teenage is a phase where no one understands us and we are in no mood to listen to anyone. This book will surely be helpful for not only teens but also to the parents as well. Will read it asap. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. I want to read it to know if any chapter matches my teenage or not. There are many ups and downs we experience in our lives during this delicate period of life and a book on that subject is worth reading

  4. Youth is an era where no one understands us and we can't hear anybody. However, I am past that. This book might be helpful youngsters and their parents.Thanks for sharing.

  5. I must read this book....seems this is for my read and meant for me. The part Di where you wrote about teenagers and their memories I also feel the same. And the part imaginary reality has my heart ...I feel very genuine and intriguing that part.

  6. The review sounds amazing. Teenage problems are insane and they would require proper care and attention. This looks like the best book that the person can get.

  7. I want to read it to recall my old days. May be , we can find our old forbidden days and the memories in the printed font. Looks interesting. Must pick it up.


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