Outset Top Book Reviewer Awards 2021 - Winners Announced

 The long wait has come to an auspicious end. We have our deserving winner of the Outset Top Book Reviewer Awards. Outset Books extend this opportunity to express our gratitude towards authors Shabnam Minwalla and Vish Dhamija, for sparing their valuable time in evaluating the blogs and Instagram profiles of the Top Reviewer Nominees

Outset Top Bloggers

Outset Top Book Reviewer Awards:

Blogging is a never-ending journey that is kicked off with a passion for words. Hence, while announcing the awards the first category should ideally be the bloggers who have started baby steps into the world of blogging. Thus we decided that the first category would be Best Newbie Blogger.

Best Newbie Blogger 

Ananya Basu won the hearts of the judges with the depth of her reviews. Her blog Soulful Paradise is a paradise indeed for the book lovers.

Priya Bhasin

The first runner up Priya Bhasin is a passionate reader turned blogger. Her blog is The Bibliophilic World.

The second runner-up in this category is Kaustav Das, who is not only in blogger but a successful Instagram as well. 

Best Senior Blogger


Samata, with an experience of nearly a decade, ensures her position as the Best Senior Blogger with her blog Indiacafe24 that are professionally crafted and lucidly laid out.

Arti Sathe
Arti Sathe is an exuberant personality who spreads her positive vibes to the readers with her book reviews Geeky Over Nerdyand thus grabs the first runner-up position.


After three years of blogging, this twenty-year-old girl made her mark in the industry.  The second runner-up in the Best Senior Blogger Category - Suzan KhojaMagical Booklush

Best Blog Design:

Priya Balan

Designing a blog is not an easy job. It needs polished aesthetic sense and knowledge about the technical nitty-gritty. The Best Blog Design was selected purely on the basis of aesthetics and considering the fact that they have done this themselves. And here we have our winner - Priya Bhasin.

Sruthy Pisharady's Shades of Lavender is all about professionalism, and beauty and thus becomes the runner-up in the category.

Youthful and bright - Arti Sathe's Geeky Over Nerdy can be defined in these two words and hence the second runner up in the category.

Best Bookstagram Images:


If you visit her profile, you would not turn away without admiring the images. Ultimate beauty of book photography - Shreyasi Badu aka @ladythor_bookblogger


Simple and elegant - These two words define Ashima Satya's @the_world_of_books. With elegance, she claims her position as the first runner-up in the category.

Muskaan Fatima has stolen hearts with her awe-inspiring editing and ensures her position as the second runner-up of the category.

Popular Bookstagrammer:


These two girls gave us an overwhelming time counting the votes. Pun intended. On a serious note, their popularity is indeed commendable. This is what we call being an influencer.


This cute little girl became the runner-up in the category because she was not far behind in popularity.

It has been an energizing experience going through their profiles and shortlisting them. I am sure our judges too hold a similar opinion. Congrats to all the winners. We have more activities coming your way. Hence stay tuned...
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  1. Wow this is amazing. loved this initiative by you Rakhi. many congratulations to all winners. a big around of applause for all of these amazing bloggers who have done really hard work to reach this stage.

  2. Awesome Rakhi. You introduced me to many talented bloggers through this blog. Let me check out their profiles and blogs.

  3. I am honoured and glad to win the award. Every award is important in life and this award is really special for me. It reminds me that yes, I have responsibilities as a blogger to perform even better. Thanks to the outsetbooks team and congratulations to every winner in each category... Much love Samata

  4. Congratulations to all of the winner and thank you rakhi for the introduction to all the nice blogger. I must check out there profile.

  5. Congratulations to all the winners... its a good initiative by Outset in showcasing the talents of these bloggers. Glad to know these bloggers...

  6. This is a very big and important event in my life. I started the journey with you di and outset and now it's really feel great when seen that I am around such wonderful people and beautiful minds. Tysm Di 😊😊 for making a part.

  7. Really Honoured to be a winner!
    Thank you Outset books for this opportunity.
    Congratulations to all the winners.

  8. This is really nice! I wasnt aware of this but I think it's a great idea to have these awards!

  9. Thanks for the initiative. Congrats to the winners. You have gotten in introduced to do many bloggers. I have made so many friends because of you. Thanks again!

  10. I was not aware of any such contest, Please do let me also Know the next time you host any such event, By the way congrats to all those who are winners, You all deserve this !!

  11. Wow this is really amazing. Many many Congratulations to the Winners. All the best in your future successful and bright. Keep it up. I am glad you Rakhi. Thank you for the initiative ❤👍

  12. Congratulations to all the winners... its a great initiative by Outset to acknowledge the talents of these bloggers. Glad to know these bloggers...

  13. Oh wow, didn't knew of any such contest, good to know so many upcoming book bloggers. I loved the categories, bookstagrammer, blog design and newbie and senior bloggers. Congratulations to all the winners.

  14. Heartiest congratulations to everyone ✨, some of y'alls work I have read and adored and I believe all of you are wonderful at what you do too.

  15. The awards look amazing!! Congratulations to all the winners and looking forward to many more helpful recognitions.


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