Revive Your Passion For Reading During The Pandemic With Audio Books

If you have been following Outset, you know that I am an avid reader. I have a world of books where I have created an imaginary castle. However, of late my reading pace has come down drastically due to the busy schedule. As much as I try to continue reading, the number of books I read is less than half of what I used to. That's when I decided to give audiobooks a shot.

The pandemic has introduced us to the new normal. Our entertainment is restricted to the OTT platforms, Youtube, and other video apps and channels. The apprehensions surrounding the couriers on one side and unrelenting screen time on the other pushes reading to the lower spectrum of priority. I used to get numerous messages asking for tips to revive the reading. The current scenario being unpredictable, the safest and the most practical substitute for reading is listening to audiobooks. 

Why try audiobooks?

You can now have somebody narrate a story to you or read out your favorite book while you go about you every day. Consuming books is not restricted to just reading them, stories can now move with you. This is such a boon for somebody like me who is missing the constant company of stories 

Benefits of audiobooks

  1. Reduced screen time

We are constantly on screens straining our eyes. Unlike ebooks that could strain your eyes in the long run, audiobooks could be your digital detox tool. Extending your gadget-free time, in turn, relaxes your eyes.

  1. Develop listening skills

With three kids, I was struggling to keep them occupied and entertained. The storytime with them turned out to be difficult when I was depleted of story ideas. Listening to audiobooks was a solution to this hassle, with the added advantage of seeing their pronunciation getting better!. Their listening time improved and this in turn helped them in their academics as well.

  1. Time management

The most notable benefit of using audiobooks is time management. You need not dedicate a specified time for listening as you can play it and go about the most boring chores around the house. Nowadays, I am enjoying listening to health-related audiobooks during my walks.

Audio books for health and happiness

  1. Better sleeping experience

Studies have proven that sleeping while listening to stories will give you a night of better sleep with a relaxed brain, which in turn improves your overall emotional quotient. Make sure to listen to the books that are inspirational or positive during your bedtime.

  1. Learning experience

If you are someone who reads non-fiction, audiobooks could be your easy access to knowledge.

  1. Enhanced reading experience.

When the narrator inculcates the emotions while reading, it gives a listening experience over and above what you might perceive while reading yourself. But it is imperative that you listen to good quality audiobooks like the ones on Storytel, I see they are extra careful about ensuring they deliver the finest quality narrated books.

My experience with audiobooks:

I tried several apps but to my dismay, the narrative was delivered in a staccato tone and I failed to grasp the essence of the books. After a long search, I got introduced to Storytel and I started listening to their audiobooks, which not only has the kind of narration I was hunting for but also with this busy schedule. My quest for a relatable audiobook ended with Storytel, They have a plethora of choices for audiobooks. More than 2 lac audiobooks available at a reasonable price is a steal on any day

Being a mother of three, I am particular about screen time, both mine and kids'. Hence Storytel has come as a boon to let me connect with books while I'm busy with household chores.  My bedtime story session has shifted to bedtime 'Storytel' sessions as they have the option of having the kids' mode.  It helps me filter out audiobooks that are best suitable for kids. The narration does not feel like a robot is narrating a story to my kids, it’s a real person narrating the story with all the emotions which makes one connect a lot more to the audiobook. 

Audio books

For you to have and experience the same luxury, I have a special offer where you can enjoy a 90days of Storytel access at just 375rs, this offer is a limited period one, I would suggest for you guys to grab it as on a paperback we would spend at least 400bucks, but here you can access unlimited books for 90 days, which is a great deal! All you have to do is, use this link to sign-up for Storytel

A few notable features of Storytel:

  1. Regional languages

Books in regional language

In Storytel, the books are available in 12 languages. Isn’t that awesome? English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and many more. I am a Malayali and I am excited to listen to Malayalam audiobooks which I have never seen anywhere else

  1. 2 lac plus audiobooks

Storytel has a collection of 2 lac+ audiobooks available in numerous languages and genres. 

They have books in various genres and the narration is tailored to suit the particular genre that you would like to listen to.

  1. Endearing narration

The style of narration is the USP of the books by Storytel. The previous experience with audiobooks being disappointing, the narrations that inculcate the emotions without dramatizing and simultaneously bringing out the feelings is fresh.

  1. Celebrity narrated books

If you want to listen to the books in the voice of your favorite celebrity, they have celebrity narrated books for you.

  1. Sleep timer

The App has an option for setting the timer so that the narration stops at the scheduled time so that you could go to sleep while ensuring the gadget-free hours are followed. The books ‘for complete relaxation’ could be the best choice to listen to before bedtime. They have a section ‘Sleepwell with Storytel’ that relaxes the brain and provides much-needed rest.

  1. Customized bookmarks

I am someone who likes to make notes while reading. Storytel enables me to make notes while listening and create bookmarks manually.

  1. Offline Book

One of my absolute favorite features is that you can download their books offline and enjoy them whenever you are in a no-network zone. How amazing is that? You can always carry a partner, Storytel with you and as it is, one is never isolated with good audiobooks! 

Books by Storytel:  

The range of books available in Storytel is unprecedented in the history of audiobooks. From Kite runner to Alchemist, Kabuliwala to Les Miserables, this streaming app has a selection of audiobooks that suits the readers in all niches. 

The section ‘only kids, no parents allowed’ has a collection of audiobooks. The books tailor-made for the kids narrated enticingly. The style of narration is the highlight of Storytel as the emotions are imbibed without losing the original feel. 


Missing is the first book that I listened to in Storytel. While there were my favorites available, I wanted the App. I deliberately selected the book as I wanted to try a Storytel original, which proved to be the best decision. Storytel Originals are the stories or audiobooks that are exclusive to Storytel and you would not find the same audiobook on any other application. 

Missing is the story of a womanizer, who finally gets married and the wife goes absconding later. His quest for the truth behind the disappearance of his wife lands him in experiences which he has never experienced. Character craft is the highlight of the book. The narrator has brought a personal touch and the same connected me a lot to the story, almost like I was driven to a different dimension of the line. Sounds fascinating right? More about this audiobook, Missing would be shared in my next review, stay tuned! The story and experience only get better! 

Missing audiobook

I am amazed by the section of thrillers available on Storytel. To know about how to have the thriller listening experience, check out my next post on audiobooks.

If you would want to experience this and many many other audiobooks Storytel has to offer, don’t forget to sign-up through the link -

Grab your audiobook from Storytel and share your listening experience with us.


  1. You know Rakhi, I stepped into podcasting because I was impressed with audiobooks. They are time saver and also help us in many other aspect. I also realized that it improved my focus and memory.

  2. I personal find audio books best , I feel connected with the author and the biggest benefit if reduced screen time

  3. My girl who loves reading, is now only on audiobooks and now started her own podcast. It's indeed so good to listen to these audiobooks.

  4. Though I love buying and reading books. But I think that for a change I can give it a try. Thank you sharing this, I have heard about audible too.

  5. I started listening audio books some 3 years ago and it has been a fab experience. My preferred source is audible.

  6. Usually the applications that supply audiobook are pricey in terms of money as well as space, I don't know about Storytel though I must check it out

  7. I have never tried an audiobook. I could never find something to start with. But this is something worth checking out.

  8. I am right away singing for storytel. This sounds really interesting. Audio books are such an amazing alternative and have immense benefits. Thanks for introducing this app.

  9. Of late I find many people, recommending audio books, and didn't know how to start. This app seems good . Thank you for introducing this...

  10. I have to agree Audio books are indeed very helpful and also keeps us away from eye stress. In fact I can connect much better when I am listening to audio books.

  11. Storytel is a great app for all the audiobook lovers, one can have more books read or listened at the same time doing another activity and also it reduces our eye effort. Shall check the app.

  12. I love hearing audio books. I will try Story Tel. Hope they have all genres of books available with them.

  13. Wow I need this coz I really cannot so much of screen time and I would love to have my ebooks read to me. Let me check this app out.

  14. I tried audio books once but did not enjoy it much but with current work situation, sometimes I feel that it will be really nice just listening to a nice book with my eyes closed.

  15. I am an ardent reader but with the hordes of books piling up, I am now planning to switch to Kindle and audibles.

  16. Interesting point of view... i will reconsider trying out audio books, in the past my experience for so average, that i choose to stay away... but your article tells me things have now changes, for the better :)

  17. Audio book is something new for me have never heard before definitely will be checking out thank you for sharing this out.

  18. This is such a great article. I am recently adding an audiobook with the text for better understanding until I completely develop my listening skill.

  19. These audio books are so cool... I haven't tried it yet as I am an avid reader was just thinking if it will spoil me and I will get addictive to it...just contemplating...

  20. Yes I too finds audio books very much comfortable also they increase your learning and communication skills

  21. I haven't yet tried audio books before but I am definitelyintrigued to give it a shot. Thanks for sharing such an insighful post.

  22. I totally agree with your blog,keeping yourself busy in this pandemic time is really difficult. Indulging in new hobbies or habits ,during this time,will be amazing.Specially if people find it boring reading books can opt for audio books,which are quiet beneficial and interesting in this pandemic time.

  23. Very true!! Audiobooks are a new way of getting things done and that helps a lot in reading more books with time.

  24. I really love audiobooks! I use Audible mostly for my audiobooks but this Storytel platform also looks good. Thanks for sharing! (Reens)

  25. I love listening to audiobooks, they provide such an immersive feel as you read the book along. Some of the amazing storyteller are out there which make the book very interesting, especially if you have a wide cast. I have been listening to audiobook for 2 years and storytel is one of the app i regularly use.

  26. I love to listen audiobooks while doing my domestic work.. it really uplift my mood, specially some motivational one. And you come up with complete basket. Loved it.


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