When Love Came Calling by Preeti Shenoy- Review

Does it take time to love someone?
Does it take time to know someone?
Does staying together for a while connect you forever?
Does distance for a while separate you forever?
Can our family be mean to us and simultaneously love us?

"When love came calling" by Preeti Shenoy ends with these four questions popping up in the reader's mind. It is the tale of Aarush and Puja. Aarush, born and brought up in the UK, and Puja, born and brought up in Kerala, India, have the least chances to meet but yet they met in the remote woods of Wayanad. Their attraction towards each other is immediate. The impulsive Puja and systematic Aarush falls for each other madly, helplessly. An unfortunate incident brings there farther physically and closer romantically. Puja is ready to go to any extent to be with Aarush. Is Aarush ready?

The first half of the book is a tad disappointing as the fast development of the relationship was not convincingly depicted. The development of the connection was abrupt. But the author has justified this approach with the second half of the book. 

What all questions the reader has while reading the first half is answered in the second half.

While the readers would be disappointed to see the author going to the same league of the quintessential romance authors, she hits back with the classic Preeti Shenoy style in the second half. Perspective is the USP of the book. The plot and the characters travel with perspectives.

The narration is also the classic Preeti Style by giving the first person narrative of different characters in different chapters.

The book could definitely have been better considering the fact that it is from the author of Life is What You Make It and Wake Up Life is Calling.


  1. Ah, this book sounds good, though! I might have to at least look up the books "Life is What You Make It" and "Wake Up Life is Calling" !!

  2. This book sounds really interesting.

  3. I love the cover!! This sounds awesome. Fab review 😍

  4. This does sounds good and the cover is lovely 💗

  5. I have been thinking of buying this book.. I guess after this I'll order for sure.

  6. This book sounds really interesting.

  7. The picture looks so great. Although I have two of Preeti Shenoy's book but I haven't read either of them 🙈


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