The Self Help Bookie Wook by Deepak Kaul Book Review

Can a book entice and repulse you simultaneously?

We live in a digital era. Social media has invaded our lives and privacy so much so that we have not real relations left. It is the tale of every millenial, or 90's kid who tries to keep up with the current surge of the virtual paraphernalia.

The Self Help Bookie Wook, By Deepak Kaul calls out meaninglessness of the social media pretence. Right from getting affected by someone's comment in a Whatsapp Chat, getting frustrated with the failed relations in Dating Apps, to the Corporate Politics, author deals with everything that could possible affect our lives of late. The fact that the book gets the reader engrossed in it, with its candour is undebatable but the fact that the author tries to impose his predilection towards the ' pseudo morality' cannot be ignored either.

Author's questions about the baselessness and lack of depth of social media realtions hit the bulls eye. The second half of the book is dedicated the mass of employees who are entagled in the corporate jugglery. Author gives some upright ideas which could be effective if implemented in the right dimension.


Author's perspective abour, love, sex, and relations are skewed or stuck in a yester century. The rest of the review would be in first person as this is a subject which varies for different individuals. We cannot generalise. The same generalisation is what rubbed me the wrong way. He says it is impossible to love only a single person in their life. WRONG. Those who have interacted with me in any point of my life would know that I have never been attracted to ANY MAN other than the one I fell in love with. Yes it is possible!

Author has taken an example from Lust stories to indicate the ideal visual to masturbate with! Watching porn is like pouring acid in your brain! And he says that sex toys are a big NO! Dating apps are a plague in the current scenario. Author vehemently criticises the ones who follow Priyanka Chopra and Priya warrier. He compares earting meat to murder. AREN'T THESE A CHOICE? If someone wants to indulge in any of these, why don't they? Didn't men/women get cheated and abused in relations outside dating apps? Isn't watching porn better than trying it out forcibly over another woman?

I get the author's point here that the current generation has wavered from the real focus in their life due to all these. There is a tendency to compare one's own life with the projected lives of the social media stars. But predilection towards " everything is good in the old generation" ideology could be avoided, especially since the book is good overall.

Barring a part of the first chapter with these skewed ideas, the book deserves a 5 star. Special mention to the idea of 'running in the open without shoes'. That is something we all should try out. Author has given me several ideas which I will be implementing in future but yes, I am disappointed with the judgemental attitude shown in some areals.




  1. I haven't read any self help books before. I feel like the best way to read them is probably to question what they are saying first.

  2. So far I have read 2 self help book.
    Beautiful review bdw.

  3. Sometimes we really need these types of books.

  4. Self help books don't go well with me. But I've read some good ones too.

  5. I love reading non-fiction. It sounds informative.

  6. The cover looks pretty interesting. I am not much into self help books.

  7. I love self help bks which are engaging

  8. I really need to read some self help books! This sounds quite interesting.

  9. That's an interesting book and the cover is lovely 🤔

  10. Mmm... this looks interesting? But it also looks like the type of book that I might possibly roll my eyes out (mainly for the things in your WHAT WENT WRONG section)

  11. The cover looks pretty interesting. I am not much into self help books.

  12. Really appreciate the way you wrote down your honest opinions.


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