Sounak's Love Stories by Dr. Kisholoy Roy- Book Review

 Sounak, an ordinay person with a below average job living an even avaerage life. How would his love life be?

Sounak meets many women at different stages of his life. Everytime he thinks tha he will grow old with her but the climax of the brief romantic endeavours would be different. Why would it be so? Author would tell the readers.

The plot seems connected to reality. Author has given an anecdote of  even the fleeting flings of the protagonist. The imperfection of the protagonist is the highlight of the book as of late the books are all about abounding perfection of the protaginists. Notwithstanding the sketch of the Sounak's family background, the characters of his family members, friends and girlfriends are not given ample space to develop.

The style of narration is vernacular and hence there is much ardour and innocence prevalent in the book but the same gives an amateurish shade to the book. The third person narration could have been in first person to justify the narrative. One round of developmental edit would make the book two notches higher.

I recommend this book if you are looking for a simple, uncomplicated read which gives you a breeze of positivity.