Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij- Review Book No.31

We live in a fake world. Be it business, or relations or even social media, we need to project an personna that is acceptable to the society.

Shawn Vij, through is impeccable book 'Moral Fiber' has substantiated his ideology of Moral fiber with anecdotes in his professional life. As a reviewer, I have read many books on spirituality, self help and business but every book indulges in a unpragmatic idea and mostly depicts the tale of people who had everything yet felt incomplete and set out in search of inner peace.

Moral fiber, probably because it's an autobiographical adaptation is concentrating on the hassles of daily lives. Author's take on how we are forced to compromise on our ethics would be relatable to everyone in the corporate, political or any field for that matter. Author has backed up his views with the real life anecdotes and incidents which forced him to set out in search of his moral fiber. 

The experience of the author with Dalai Lama makes the book all the more engaging.Unlike the man gods, Dalai Lama is portrayed as someone who is enlightened with the real knowledge and the methodology of his Guru calls for an impecable read.

Overall the book is a multi genre book with a target audience comprising of people from nearly all genres


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