Of late, Indian fantasy has been counted alongside mythological fiction. The literary world in India has been jampacked by mythological gods and characters presented in the modern era. Aham Saurabh Thakur has stood out among these books, though some of the characters seems analogous to mythology.

If compared to the current scenario, the human race is under danger. Hence the imagination of creation of a new race Rekhyt to protect the human race is relatable. The plot begins with the war between spirits and demons. Rekhyt is a new race created by spirits to protect the human race. Rwiju, is a rekhyt warrior who is the chosen one to save the race when the demon princess Vanee sets out for war with the spirits. Further the books gives a feast to the fantasy lovers.

A cocktail of suspense, action and fantasy, the book Aham is treat to the readers. The weapons chakra and Trishul of the spirits are analogous to the Sudarshana chakra and Trishul in Hindu Mythology. But these analogies aside, the book is a different approach by the author. Author has made use of his filmmaking experience in giving the readers a visual depiction of the incidents through the book. The tale of Damshi, when her child was being condemned since it is a demon's child, reminds the readers about the reality in the human world where we say children would pay for parent's sin.

Aham is the first book in the series and hence it is more of an introduction to the scenario. More is to come in the second book, which surely looks promising, with a secret of the past and Vanee's foray to the earth. Looking forward eagerly to the sequel


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