4'KD design. The name leads the readers into presuming that the book is about animation of sorts. Is that so? The book is for you if you’re a content/copywriter, marketing strategist, graphic designer, visualizer, artist, educationist, trainer, UX-UI developer, product designer or related any of the arts, design, media and publishing fields.

The book is based on the idea of design thinking.  The book is primarily focussing on chanellising the ideas of whoeover is trying to create a design. In short design thinking is connected to creativity. To balance the left and right brain, we need to balance the logic and creativity. Hence the author illustrates how you sgould realize your strength and adapt to develop yourself. Further, the author gives a realistic aspect of the design thinking. Creating a good design and making it work is the next point that is discussed. The USP of the book is the design checklist. If we go by the pattern, we could connect it to our area of work and thus develop our arena. Further th retrospecting your design would be an icing on the cake.

The book is crafted in the simplest fashion possible, thereby enabling everyone in comprehending the book.


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