Dance to My Tunes by Tanvi Sinha #A2ZChallenge #Book12


There is a thin line between feminism and female chavinism. The moment we cross it, the whole idea of feminism goes haywire and we fail to convery it to the laymen as well. Dance to my Tunes could be classified as a feminist literature. Author has addressed everry issues related to gender discrimination and called out on the double standards of the society.

These stories are of relationships. These stories touch upon social issues. These stories may inspire you. These stories make you feel like you are not alone. These stories may surprise you. These stories may entertain you.

Stories on the go-The story of a mother who tried to bring up her daughter independently, giving all the freedom that she was deprived of as a child. She is immensely satisfied with how she has brought up her daughter. She was so involved and concentrated in her daughter that she failed to direct her son as to what to do and what not to. How he turned out? It's for the readers to figure out. The book has a strong message that we should concentrate equally on both kids. The story of a working woman who finds it tough to manage her worklife and household, gets criticised by her mother-in-law on a daily basis and to make the matters worse, her husband dictates everything to his mother. How will she manage it?

 A single mother had been cheated by her boyfriend who claims that he never gave any promises of marriage; How is Karma going to play? A woman who recognises late in her marriage that her sexual preferances are not straight- author has clearly pointed out that injustice if done to men, or women are wrong. A girl who has been beaten by her husband finds no support from her own family because they expect her to be perfect. It is indeed a sad scenario that we see of late because women these days are way too independent for the consevative society to handle. Somehow I couldn't concur with the climax, though it is happening everywhere. Two murder mysteries are added in the string of contemporary fictions. While I could relate to the fact that justice was served, the back story was more or less predictable and the mystery element failed.

Feminist Literature- Author, through her book, proclaims in no uncertain terms that she is a string, opinionated, independent woman. She brings to light, the importance of being independent. Except two stories , the rest of the stories are all about feminism/ male female equality. The predominant theme of the wrong husband and nagging mother-in-law gets monotonous down the line. Notwithstanding the sad reality, there is another world of families where mother-in-laws sides with their daughter-in-laws. That could have been explored and exploited so as to give a ray of hope and a pointer that people look upto.

In a nutshell, the book is a short, fast paced and interesting read for the people who uphold the idea of feminism.