To err is human but to accept the mistake and be ready for retribution needs a lot of courage.
Moral Compass is the story of a group of kids who had to use the moral compass in their lives so that justice would be served.

Saint Ambrose which has been an all boys school is going to be co-ed. Amidst a lot of protests they accept girls for the first time. Everyone is anxious to see how it is going to come out. While everything goes smooth, a Halloween party spoils everything. A group of boys get drunk, and a girl joins them in between. The next day St.Ambrose wakes up to the news of a girl being attacked. Will the perpetrators be arrested? Will they accept their mistake? How will it affect the kids and the school?

The plot is more about how it has to be and how it can be rather than what is happening now and next. Contrary to her previous books, author has dealt with the plot differently. There are no Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes or last minute suspense or feeling of retribution. The plot is led by the characters. The parents of the kids who got involved, the parents of the victim, the faculty, the investigating officers.

Everyone has a back story and the author has put everything together without making the book huge and dragging.

The characters being the USP of the book, author has carefully incorporated several shades in the same person and too many of them make a permutation of innumerable shades. Too many characters in the beginning makes it utmost confusing and after a point, it seems better not to figure out who is who. By time the first half is finished, the characters start to become familiar.

The climax is concentrated primarily on the idea of moral compass rather than the suspense element. Hence despite being an investigative plot with a thriller element, the book is treated as a contemporary fiction.

The round up of the book would be that it should be read by every teenager to know how a harmless mischief could change their lives forever.


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