Unspoken, as the subtitle says, is indeed a bouquet of short stories. Each and ever story in the book is like a flower. Simple, gives a nice and good feeling, leaves the fragrance of love and some give the thorn of pain.

A story of a pregnant woman reminoscing the time when she decides to abort her child for her husband, a story of a couple who gets separated and meets by chance later,  a story of a woman whom after a painful breakup goes on blind dates due to her friends, a story of  how friendship between two girls and a boy becomes sour after their love angle comes into picture, a story of a woman who elopes ith her boyfriend, a boy who broke up with a girl and later a shocking revelation comes to him, a story of a couple who gets an anonymous gift and are dead scared of opening it. This is all about unspoken.

All the stories are about relationships and author tells us how important, fragile and volatile each realtionship is. The book is not only a bouquet of short stories but a bouquet of relations too. The stroy 'A Twist of Fate' has a an utterly shocking climax but when we think more deep into it, the plot has several loopholes. Of the seven, Stella is my favorite. It has the pain that lingers with the readers. The book is an easy and fast reads. The stories lack depth but it itself makes the book contradictory.


  1. Seems like a great read. Will check it out

    1. Thank you Pooja! Hope you got a chance to read it . It's free on Kindle today and tomorrow by the way.. 🙂

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