Lights! Scalpel! Romance! By Jas Kohli

There have been many books with the doctors' life as the background. Primarily the books could be categorised as out and out doctors book or romance in the background of doctors' story. Lights! Scalpel! Romance! is one such book that balances the doctors story with romance.

Nipun joins Nirog hospital wih a lot of dreams and expectation but his feeling get hurt when he learns that the junior doctors are taken for a ride. The Dean of the hospital Dr. Ujjwal is ruthless and yet highly skilled and brilliant. Nipun tries to be in his good books with a little bit of sycophany but all his expectations topples over when every effort of his fails. He tries his luck in romance with Nishta but his effort in love also fails miserably. Nonetheless Nipun doesn't lose heart and tries again and again. To make it more complicated Rishi comes to picture. What is Nipun's futute? The book gives the answer to the question.

Lights! Scalpel! Romance! invites readers to become a part of the fun side of hospital life, where a surgeon’s routine is akin to driving in a Formula One race every day.

The book is not merely about Nipun. It is also about Dr. Anuroop a.k.a Candy who tries to outgrow Dr. Ujjwal, again to fail miselrably. The book is also about the risks surgeons put themselves in front off. For instance, before operating an AIDS patient, the have to wear multiple gloves to avoid infection through any cuts.

The metaphors used by the author are all interesting. However some of them failed to hit the bull's eye and some failed miserably.

The book is a lighthearted reading experience. Nonetheless the author gets the readers to think deeeply about the challenges faced by the doctors. The vernacular narration makes sure that even the beginners could enjoy the book. The book is an easy read over a coffee.


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