Don Roberto's Daughter Natasha is a book that could be counted under different genres. It is indeed a romance fiction but a literary fiction as well. Author has indeed done thorough homework.

Natasha leaves Mexico and comes to Texas. She starts her life afresh. She meets Sean who knows English only. It's interesting to see how they aquaint with each other despite the language barrier. The spark at the first is conveyed with the intensity. Despite the attraction, the fact that they took it slow, make the book relatable and a hence the depth in the relation between Sean and Natasha is established with conviction.

This romance is portrayed on the rich tapestry of two vibrant cultures. Texas and Mexico come alive while a young woman tries to rediscover the God of her youth - Before it's too late.

When Natasha shifts back to Mexico, the pain of separation could be felt since the attachment was already established. Now comes Don Reberto. Despite being the title character Don Roberto was over shadowed by Sean and Natasha. The characters and sequences are so realistic that the readers would be left wondering if this is a real story, especially when the cover image portrays real people and not the models.

Natasha and Sean's wedding sequence is interesting to watch. The merge of two cultures and the confusions are quite interesting to read. Nonetheless the sequence was dragged tad bit more than necessary.

What happens later is heart wrenching and author has clearly drawn a line before going overboard with emotions. The climax is overwhelming. It is intelligent of the author to skip the cliché and end it in a more positive note.

Overall the book is a touching, lovely, emotional and quirky tale of Natasha and Sean.