Amma by Rajjan Singhal- Review

After reading Amma, readers will have ray hope that innocence is still there in this world. The plot is simple yet emotionally challenging.

A story book in Hindi जब एक बच्ची को माँ त्याग देती है, तो क्या वह हमेशा के लिए अनाथ बन जाती है ? कोख जन्म की नही होती, पालने वाले की होती है देवकी का जाया, यशोदा ने पाला संस्कार भी जाये के नही होते, पालने वाले के होते हैं लेखक ने कहानी "अम्मा" मे दिखाया है कि कुछ सम्बंध जन्म से होने चाहिए, पर होते नहीं है ऐसे सम्बंध अगर एक जगह टूट जाते हैं, तो प्रभु कृपा से कहीं और जुड़ भी जाते हैं, क्योंकि समाज में सौभाग्यवश कुछ व्यक्ति हैं जो इन सम्बंधों में संतुलन बनाए रखते हैं हरिद्वार और उसके पास के इलाक़ों की प्रष्ठ भूमि वाली इस कहानी में पात्रों और सीनो का जीता जागता चित्रण है आशा है कि पाठको को यह कहानी पसंद आएगी
Radha is a school teacher in  village school. She lives with Kaki Maa. On her way back, she meets Shibbu who runs a shop. He helps Radha in carrying her luggage home. He proposes marriage for his brother. The plot takes off from the point. Radha discloses that she is an orphan and  explains how she ended up with Guruma and from there how she reached Kaki Ma's house. Further the past of Kakima, Gurma and Amma comes out before the readers.  The sub plots are the the USP of the book. They are representative of the pain that women go through and the stories of sacrifices are palpable and heart touching.

The give and take between Amma and her sons wherein she supports her Daughter-in-laws brings smile to the readers. Despite the title, the book is as much Kaki Ma, Guru Ma and Radhas story as it is Amma's.

The base plot is simple and doesn't have anything new to  contribute but the subplots make up for the inadequacy of the main plot. The style of narration switches from normal novel style to a play style when there are more dialogues. The language is simple and hence even a Malayali like me could comprehend it easily.

Overall the book innocent, emotional and enchanting piece of literature.