India is a country with the largest immigrant ratio. Whereever you go, you will find an Indian there. There is not even a single country in the world that is inhabited by an Indian. Hence a book on living abroad is the most useful for the NRIs or to be NRIs.

The author of the book is an NRI himself, settled in Singapore. He along with 34 other NRIs share their experiences about living abroad. Once we migrate to a country, it is inevitable that we aquaint ourselves with the culture their.

 When dreams are fulfilled, and the alarm goes off, should you keep snoozing it, or should you traverse from one dream to another, a dream within a dream? Explore these untold secrets and embark on your own journey of a lifetime!

Book is a must have guide for all the people who are planning to migrate to the 12 countries mentioned in the book. Author has started off with the history of the place, colonisation etc so that culture there could be established in detail. Author has touched all tangible topics like culture, food habits, etiquettes and what not. The books will undoubtedly clarify your doubts about starting a new life in a new country. The anecdotes of 34 other contributors is informative, quirky as well as touching.

Thirty-four people from twelve countries around the world joined the author to share the untold secrets of living abroad.

Special mention needed for the information about Canada. Since Canadian Passport has the most value in the Middle East, many Indians tend to go there, get the passport and come back. Canada is just a representative country. Apparently the information regarding all the 12 countries is worth the time and money invested on the book.

The book is indeed a non-fiction but the life experiences of other contributors make it interesting. It is a brilliant step by the author. The USP of the book is that it is entertaining and informative and hence it could be enjoyed by not only the people who are migrating to other countries but those who are planning to stay in India as well.