Becoming Babywise by Gary EZZO and Robert Buckman

Taking care of babies is like a complicated computer program. The solution for the same problem in different children could be different. Baby wise is a one stop solution to the parenting problem. The book comes in two parts. The first part is  giving your infant the gift of nighttime sleep. This primarily targets the parents of new born babies.

Discover the positive prescription for curing sleepless nights and fussy babies.

It covers all the major topics that concern the new born babies and their parents. With several sample schedules, authors make sure that the parents are left with all feasible solutions. Being a mother of three I was always approached by new mothers for each and every doubts. Now I could suggest this book to mom-educate them.

First patterns established need to be right patterns and Babywise II will show you the way.

Some of the instructions given are not possible to apply in the Indian standard of living but we never know, with time, our lives may change. Even after having three babies I had no idea about the sign languages. I could apply this with my older kids as well and hence helped me. 

The second book has the healthy baby growth charts that help us monitor the growth pattern of our baby. A special mention is needed for the fact the book has a word to the husband. This book is basically an extension of the first book. It covers the topics that were omited by the first book and hence it is primarily about new borns. It would not be an ideal book for kids above 6 months in my personal opinion, though it claims to be one for five months old to one year old. It indeed has topics for the older ones but those appeared to me as vague. The second books seems a little rushed and hence could have been worked on a bit more.