Four specialised doctors. All experienced and proven their expertise in trauma management. They handle a traumatic situation so well that they are given an assignment in France where the doctors handled the terrorist attack and succeeded in curbing the chaos and thereby reducing the death toll.

The book is quite different from the Danielle Steel books we used to read. We don't have helpless, miss goody two shoes female protagonists and that in itself is a positive change for the readers. 
Turning Point is a highly-charged, emotional tale about how suddenly life can change for all of us, and that we might find what we're looking for in the most unlikely of places . . .

Keeping an opposite gender counterpart for each doctor who visits France seemed tad bit far fetched. Wendy's stand in the end literally gives the readers a sigh of relief. The climax of Stephanie's life is the best in the book . The whole plot make the readers uneasy throughout and judgemental too about Stephanie but how she takes the right decision at the right time makes the climax worth the time of the readers.

They were meant to be here, and this gruelling agonising job was what they were born to do, even if it broke their hearts

The characters are crafted in such a way that there is a nuance in the shade of the character that makes it stand out from the rest of the characters. The close view of the lives in the hospitals especially in trauma care gives the readers a new view about doctors and hospitals.

The book is one of the unique creations by the author. It doesn't have the quintessential steel touch but the same makes it refreshing.