Narasimha by Kevin Missal- Review

We have all grown up hearing the stories of Bhakt Prahlada and Narasimha. To retell the whole tale in another context doesn't come across as a good idea but Kevin Missal portrayed his literary finesse by not just retelling the tale but doing it authentically.
Welcome to the reimagining of the fourth Avatar of Lord Vishnu by bestselling author Kevin Missal.

Word by word, scene by scene the book oozes out excellence of the author. Author has created a whole new premise with the glimpses of the original simultaneously.

The characters are crafted as if laying stones for a house foundation. Each bricks of their idiosyncrasies are carefully juxtaposed and bound with a strong plot.

We all make choices that define us

While reading mythological fiction, readers tend to skip a few pages as they are privy of the basic plot but here author has created a new dimension in fact multi dimensions to the plot that the readers would be forced to gulp it word by word.

Once the secrets of the Vishnusena and Andhaka are revealed, the pace of the plot decelerates. Further the plotline goes as expected and hence compromises the suspense and hence the thrill.