We never know what will happen to us the next moment and yet we keep grudges. Sometimes what we think is immaterial might be the life changer for many. Accidental heroes is all about what we underestimate and look down upon.

Accidental Heroes is a heart-stopping thriller about ordinary men and women who embark on a journey they will never forget.

Bernice Adams is a law student but she is also a part time worker in the security section in the JFK airport. She stumbles upon a postcard which peripherally looks like nothing but a hunch forces her to report it despite the disagreement from her supervisor. Further a group of unknown and ordinary people join hands to find out who is behind the post card and what is the threat, if any.
She didn't even think about what might have happened, if she'd listened to the supervisor and hadn't called.
What happens next is the most thrilling reading experience. Each second is brimful of suspense. The nail-biting experience is scintillating. How the plot is built and how the suspense develops shows the brilliance of the author. 

Helen who is the captain of the flight where the suspected chaos is about to happen, is someone whom every woman would love to look upto but her character is monodimensional. The different shades of the character are missing. The same goes with Jason's character too in a negative way.

However the climax failed to grow up to the benchmark set by the rest of the plot. It was way too obvious may be because it is all about how the characters became heroes accidentally and not about the suspense.