The nature is endless. It holds unparalleled power and possibilities. Luckiest is the one who utilises it. Smartest is the one who empowers it.


Atulya Misra, has conspicuously asserted that he is a knowledgeable person with immense experience and unparalleled vision.

The blurb itself is the review of the book. It says it all. 
"Oxygen manifesto is a story of the triumph of ordinary people over the might of the establishment in their battle to save the environment. "

The protagonist starts his journey of self-actualisation but little did he know that he would encounter Ravi Chandran Bose, the man behind Oxygen Manifesto. He decides to find out how Ravi ended up in the remote village. His foray into Ravi's life opens up the tale of the IAS officer Ravi who had a wide vision of changing the world. 

"The habitat is the medium through which the forces of evolution play."

The book does not fit into the conventional frame of plot laying and narration. Once the protagonist sets out to learn more about Ravi, the book shifts to a realm of non-fiction. The plot has a major subplot of the life of Thatha and the camaraderie that developed between them.

The vision of Ravi invariably come across as the author's ideology. The idea of the battle for environment is being propagated by many but the author, through the book, gives it a pragmatic structure. Another idea the appeals is that of decentralisation of democracy. Author has an in-depth knowledge about the classified secrets and he deftly narrates them without rubbing anyone the wrong way. Nonetheless he says it all.

The book is primarily about the enrichment of our country in all aspects. In the context of Ravi, author has given the readers an in-depth idea about what is wrong with the nation and how to rectify it. 

"The correct proportion of Oxygen in the air is vital for a disease free and vibrant human life as also the perpetuity of the planet."

Beyond the awareness on fighting for the environment as well as changing the system. The book gives a geographical account on Mongolia and the life there. The search for Rhea is an interesting part of the book. It piques the intrigue of the reader. Once Ravi starts the speech about the Oxygen Manifesto, the book's range grows manifold. Nonetheless towards the end it gets tad bit monotonous and comes to an abrupt end. A minor rework on the climax could have raised the bar much higher.

Atulya Misra is a senior officer of Indian Administrative Services; currently posted as the Principal Secretary, Revenue and Disaster Management Department in Government of Tamil Nadu. He has earlier worked as Principal Secretary in the departments of Industries, Environment & Forests, and Transport. He has also served as chairman of different organizations, including Chennai Port Trust, Tamil Nadu State Pollution Control Board, Titan and TNPL. Atulya Misra is an alumnus of Scindia School, Gwalior; Hindu College, University of Delhi; TERI University, Delhi; universities of Texas and Yale, USA; and Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK. He was awarded a doctorate by Anna University, Chennai, for his work on carbon footprint. He has written numerous papers for scientific journals. This is his first book.