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Tiny Habits Massive Results by Jaishree Nenwani - No Philosophical Jargons but Practical Solutions

Our life is like a thick jungle. The more we go inside more surprises await us. With simple changes in life and by inculcating basic habits, we can reroute our life to an unprecedentedly smooth path. Tiny Habits Massive Results by Jaishree Nenwani is one book that systematically points out simple habits to bring about massive results. Being a Holistic Wellness Coach myself, I was able to resonate better with the points shared by the author. Mindfulness Being mindful is one habit that I have always advocated in terms of self-development. The author gives the readers a step-by-step directive as to how one can be mindful in all its essence. As simple and easy as it seems mindfulness is not always easy to put into practice. We get distracted by too many occurrences in our lives. How to bring oneself closer to the self and be away from the unwanted noise around is what the author teaches us. Journaling Be it a daily anecdote or a gratitude journal, the author has established the importance


Seven Sixes are Forty Three by Kiran Nagarkar- Review

Book Name          - Seven Sixes are Forty-Three
 Author                 - Kiran Nagarkar
 Publisher              - HarperPerennial
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Seven Sixes are Forty Three by Kiran Nagarkar- Review

To portray the deepest human emotions is the toughest job for a writer. Kiran Nagarkar proved to be the master of art through book 7643. 

The plot unravels with a suicide. The first chapter sets a deep impact of a mystery thriller but later transforms into literary fiction. The story of Kushank Purandare will stay with the readers forever. The pain of reality is sure to mark the name of the author in golden letters in the history of literature.

The book and the characters are above time and demographics. The relationships and how they develop are relatable in any era. The volatile narration hooks the readers to the book. It is brutally honest and painfully soothing. Characterization is the highlight of the book. Each character is crafted such that authenticity is preserved throughout. 

The plot is unconventional and classic. It takes us through different incidents and experiences in the life of Kushan. How he deals with different situations differently makes the book a quintessential literary fiction and the detailed analysis of the book makes it more or less philosophical fiction.

The book is definitely not an easy read. One should take time to actually sit down and read the book. 


Scenario:   4.5 /5
Narration:  4.5 /5
Character:   4.5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4.5/5

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