An Indian Loser by Uzma Hameed- Review

Book Name          - An Indian Loser
 Author                 - Uzma Hameed
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In India, for the last two decades, Engineering and Medicine are the only two streams that were acceptable for the students to learn. Even after being a saturated economy the demand of the both streams remain the same. The kids who don't go for both streams are considered not worth by the society.

Indian loser is a sarcastic take on this prejudice. A boy who fails in the Higher Secondary exams falls into the pit of depression. However with lot of difficulty and perseverance, he put the pieces back and returns to life. How he finds the focus and proceeds is the crux of the story.

Indian loser is a mirror to the society. Author has come forward with a topic that needs to be discussed in detail and analysed with sincerity. However the topic as relevant and grave as this was not given full justice. Somewhere down the line, the topic was handled immaturely. The same could be attributed to the author's attempt to make the books readable to all masses so that the message reaches the maximum.

Overall the book is an easy read. It is particularly recommended to the parents of teenagers.

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  1. So, its based on educational psychology, as i can guess from the review, indeed interesting plot.


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