Malhaar by Ambica Uppal- Review

Book Name          - Malhaar
 Author                 - Ambica Uppal
 Publisher              - Notion Press
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Malhaar- The name reminds of the rains. The romantic downpour, the sensuous wetness and the cool embrace. Rain has two faces- the happy one and the ferocious one. While in Kerala, our lives are haywire with the flood, the book shows the rain that acts as someone in our life. The personification of rain is interesting to read.

Love and rains are intertwined so much so that the depth of love as well as varying moods of rain are analogically connected. To write a poem is the toughest since the writer has to channelize their thoughts to give away the precis of words which are saturated with emotions. Toughest is the job to write poems that are short and simultaneously convey the thoughts. Ambica Uppal has mastered the act and hence we have a collections of pearls. Most of the poems are quite short but has a multidimensional approach. We can see romance, suspense, pain, spirituality, philosophy and many more in the book.

The words and theme of the poems has the power of magnetically connecting the readers to the book. If taken on a light note, the book could be finished in half an hour but given the time and effort to read through the lines, the book proves to be a porridge of imagery. There were a few repetitions which were not repetitions as such but some ideas or thoughts were duplicated in different words.


A porridge of enchanting and engrossing imagery.

Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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