In conversation with Vinay Krishnan, Author of Corridors of time

            Hello my dear readers,

         It has been some time since I came up with an author interview. Today we have a new writer on the outset who is at the outset of his writing journey. Let's see what Vinay Krishnan has to say about his writing journey.

            A bangalorean student to a builder to a social worker to a writer. How was the journey?
            Honestly it has been a struggle all along. The most satisfying part has been to be able to pen down my experiences and thoughts.

Are you basically a Bangalorean?
A complete Bangalorean. Born, bred and brought up.
            When did you decide that you should sit down and write a book?
I had a very eventful youth and some difficult times. I read about the and suicide of a school girl in Bihar. The culprit was a very senior police officer who went Scott free, hence the climax in the book.

Your book got some great review from eminent people like former chief justice and Deccan Herald editor. How does it feel?

I am very greteful for the kind words.

How was your publishing experience?

Challenging but satisfying.

How important do you think book promotions are?

With the decline in the habit of reading, it's important to promote books and create awareness.

What is your advice to the aspiring writer?

Every time you come across a good idea or witness something unique, immediately write it down for future use.

How can the readers reach you?

I can be reached by mail or Facebook.

           So, this was Vinay Krishnan for you. Follow him on facebook and buy his book from Amazon


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