Emotion- Juice of Life & Relationships- Bond or Bondage by Sadhguru

Book Name          - 1. Emotion- The Juice of Life
                                     2. Relationships- Bond or Bondage
 Author                 - Sadhguru
 Publisher              - Jaico Publishing House
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My Review
Rating : 4.5

Quite often the spirituality books tell us to attain the ultimate detachment from everything and it is a point where we learn that stop loving and obsessing over something and stop emoting is the key to attain ultimate nirvana. We have instilled the thought that the lack of relationships or detachment from the same makes you go through the bliss of moksha.

Sadhguru, for once have demolished the notions which have been read and repeated in each and every books. After reading a numerous books, I was of the notion that spirituality is something that should be attained only after being settled in life financially, emotionally and materialistically. Sadhguru's book or in fact two books in one is an eyeopener for me. He has seamlessly connected our worldly affairs with spirituality. The key point that I can take home and live with forever is that one should get attached to the maximum possible extent till there is no possibility of distinguishing between the two entities. Yes eternal attachment is the ultimate bliss.

The second book, Relationships- Bond or bondage made me wonder how a sadhu knows so much about relationships, let it be between friends, mother and kids or even lovers, Sadhguru has a clear thought and better knowledge on relationships. The USP of the books is practicability. Predominantly the spirituality related books remain as impractical as possible and after finishing the books we would decide to practice the points once we are post retirement age. But Sadhguru's talks, as the book is designed, gels the perceptions and ideas into the daily life that we would start practicing it, for such is the influence of the book on our intellect.

Towards the end of the book Emotions- The juice of life, readers are introduced into the Isha Kriya Meditation technique, which, if practiced twice a day for 48 days or once a day for 90 days, will change your life forever and ever. I have started practicing the same.

Overall I recommend the book to the readers who want to deal with their life in a positive way using practical techniques.

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