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Tiny Habits Massive Results by Jaishree Nenwani - No Philosophical Jargons but Practical Solutions

Our life is like a thick jungle. The more we go inside more surprises await us. With simple changes in life and by inculcating basic habits, we can reroute our life to an unprecedentedly smooth path. Tiny Habits Massive Results by Jaishree Nenwani is one book that systematically points out simple habits to bring about massive results. Being a Holistic Wellness Coach myself, I was able to resonate better with the points shared by the author. Mindfulness Being mindful is one habit that I have always advocated in terms of self-development. The author gives the readers a step-by-step directive as to how one can be mindful in all its essence. As simple and easy as it seems mindfulness is not always easy to put into practice. We get distracted by too many occurrences in our lives. How to bring oneself closer to the self and be away from the unwanted noise around is what the author teaches us. Journaling Be it a daily anecdote or a gratitude journal, the author has established the importance


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