Product Review- GeekCases GOLD USB Cable for Micro USB Based Devices Like Phones & Cameras

I ordered the product online from  Amazon for my Galaxy Tab 3. I ordered the product on May 4 2017 and got it delivered on May 8 2017, which is pretty fast. The packing is also quite good.

The cable is golden color. Thick, insulated cable is covered with nylon . 

The cable is pretty long, as you can see in the picture.

The length of cables has always been a matter of concern for me. With other cables, I had to adjust the phone while charging such that it could be kept somewhere, since most of the cables don't have the ample length to my convenience.

The color is glossy and classy too. The chrome finish is lasting. The pin is easy to connect to both the phone as well as USB port. This cable, I used while charging as well as file transfer.

The product comes with one year warranty.
The claim is that the cable provides lightening fast charging but it depends on the phone as well. Tabs take time to charge hence the speed of charging cannot be counted as lightening fast for my phone but it could be so for other products.

If you could see the screenshot, you could see that the phone has 35 % charge at 4.07 PM and 62 % charge at 5.27 PM,which when compared to original cable is definitely faster because it used to take whole night for my Tab to get charged.

Overall the product is priceworthy.


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