Review of Mythbreaker by Seema Singh

Book Name          - Mythbreaker:Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and story of Indian Biotech
Author                  - Seema Singh
Publisher              - Harper Collins
Number of Pages - 280
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  -Paperback
Price                     -599
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Rating : 5.0

A consummate businesswoman who managed risk or a plucky entrepreneur who took chances to try new things? Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is both, by turns.From an industrial enzymes and commodities small molecule company to a research-driven biotech enterprise that aspires to be global, Biocon has been Mazumdar-Shaw's tinkering ground for over thirty-seven years. Unlike biotech companies of the West which started with science, Biocon started with technology, adding science as a backend which neatly illustrates why it has been tough to build a de novo ecosystem for biotech in India. A fearless business leader who speaks her mind, this evocative biography gives us an in-depth understanding of Kiran's tech start-up journey, her struggles and her victories.

My Review

 In an era where women empowerment is a topic of greatest interest, the book Mythbreaker is quite relevant. Being a Biotechnology masters holder, I coild really relate with the book. The period when Biocon started, it was an unbelievable venture.
With strong willpower, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw attained the impossible. 
Authoress through her exemplary narration shows the readers that nothing is impossible citing the life of Mazumdar Shaw. What women need is not reservation. What they need is freedom. The hassles and obstacles she faced and how she overcame them is brilliant.
The narration could have been a little more concise. Apart from that the book is great.

Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Seema Singh is a journalist. Until 2013, she was a senior editor with Forbes (India). In the past she has written for The Times of India, Mint, IEEE-Spectrum, Red Herring, Cell, New Scientist and others. She has been a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a MacArthur Foundation research grantee.


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