Review of Deja Karma by Vish Dhamija

Book Name         - Deja Karma
Author                  - Vish Dhamija
Publisher              - Rumour Books
Number of Pages - 256
Publishing Year   -2015
Edition                  - Paperback
Price                     - 175
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Rating : 4.0

Jay Singh is the best defence lawyer in New Delhi that money can buy. But Jay Singh is a closet alcoholic; he has a dark and ominous past. His mother has been accused and convicted of killing his father..something he doesn't accept even after twenty years. Flamboyant, wicket, lethal, Jay Singh never loses a case, though his methods might not always be within the law. If the law is after you - guilty or not - there is only one man who can save you. If Jay Singh takes your case, witnesses for the prosecution disappear or turn hostile, evidence evaporates, technology and science fail to provide any cogent support. What's more - Jay Singh can even provide you with an ironclad alibi. And then he gets a case that can completely destroy him.
If he loses the high-profile he can kiss his career goodbye ; if he wins the case he better keep his obituary ready.
My Review

Deja Karma is yet another foray of Vish Dhamija into the world of thrillers. Author has created a plot around the Karma and De java. What goes around comes around. The story is fast paced and tight knit. The protagonist's character is depicted I  such a way that readers can visualize the person. The story is not limited to a diary note. 
Legitimate game is well plotted and neatly executed. The climax could be guessed. Hence much can be said about the suspense. Yet, the author succeeded in hooking the readers to the book.

Reviewed for the publisher
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Vish Dhamija is a crime fiction author of three bestselling novels : Bhendi Bazaar, Nothing Lasts Forever and Deja Karma. He is best known for his multi-layered plots, believable characterisation and captivating storylines. In a recent survey by eBooks India website, Vish was listed along the top 51 Indian authors you must follow. Doosra is his fourth novel and the second in the Rita Ferreira series.


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