Review of Go Clown by Shatrugna Vyas

Book Name         - Go Clown#AccheDin for comedy
Author                  -Shatrugna Vyas
Publisher              - Self Published
Number of Pages - 340
Publishing Year   - 2016
Edition                  -Paperback
Price                     -189
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Rating : 4.0

When Baby Kiriti arrived in this world, he was like a lost butterfly in a sea of white. A baby who is born and thrust into the huge sea of humanity called India, rides and steers his destiny ship, as he constantly grapples with the Clown inside him, who meanwhile brings out his own set of funny oars in these troubled waters.

The Clown's journey continues on from a Karma-Guru to a trader of special water from Europe (thanks to his Made-in-China friend!), and from a music director (the Bad-Boy theme!) to the founder of a school, and a dirty sock to a sex-crazed, horny bunch of young fellas. The colors of the Clown's comedy are different but he always plays to the circus of life. As Kiriti encounters a wide array of characters from the length and breadth of India, a land as rich as its flavours, the carefree years full of joy and young hopes come to an end, with the sweet smell of Ganja still lingering under the starry nights. The philosophy of Meaning is preached, after a session of holy smokes, on the sides of a dusty highway which sees blood and grime daily.

And finally with the Mystical Game which casts a shadow on Kiriti's life having been won, everything is laid to rest under a blanket of white, only to be stumbled upon by a Sherpa on the peaks of the mighty Himalayas that wakes up something inside of his adorable son!

Is it a Thief, his Dream or the Clown?

And there is a 2000 year old Surprise Gift with the Novel! (Any Guesses?)

My Review

The word clown brings to our mind unending laughter. The title Go Clown also gave me a similar impression. I was expecting unrealistic cartoon like incidents but the book surprised me with its satirical adaptation of crude reality.

Clown is Kiriti's second personality. Clown is the soul or conscience. Author has adapted a fresh narration with good and apt vocabulary. India at its realistic best can be the apt sub title for the book. Different stages of Kiritis's life is portrayed in the utmost veristic manner. 

Somewhere down the line, the story takes us to a different level of narration. More in this, you need to read the book.
Reviewed for Dwani Swadia(Marketing)
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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