Review- Spirit Raiders by Savio Dawson

Book Name          - Spirit Raiders
Author                  - Savio Dawson
Publisher              - CreateSpace
Number of Pages - 366
Publishing Year   - 2015
Edition                  - Paperback

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Rating : 4.0

“A chance discovery leads to unearthing a plot against humankind; a plot to steal the very fabric of human creation.” 

Mark is in the middle of a spate of abductions by two different sets of extra-terrestrials. Around the same time, the U.S military unwittingly discovers few alien vessels in Earth’s atmosphere while testing a new technology called GAM. The knowledge of the alien vessels around the periphery of Earth drives a team comprising of Mark, an agency called XTRA-T and the security agencies to unearth the intentions of those aliens. 

In the pursuit of truth, some bone-chilling revelation of Earth’s history comes to the fore. Unexplained events like Tunguska Explosion and many others are answered but nothing compares to the one that is in store for Earth. Mark and team have to find a way out and in many ways invoke the assistance of unexplained powers to redeem them at the time of need.

My Review

The story of extra-terrestrials have always excited us. The curiosity to know how they look, act, live etc have been always debated. Neither did the demand for similar stories die out. What we have been reading were about inhuman creatures with a different language and dissimilar actions. 

Spirit raiders is a fresh diversion to the heard about stories. ET as living beings similar to humans with highly advanced technology which can bypass our Radar and other devices is a fresh treatment. The book is definitely a treat to Sci Fi lovers with abundant scientific fictional and non-fictional ideas. More that science fiction, it could also be counted as historical fiction citing the similarities of construction of Eiffel Tower and statue of liberty.

The relation between Anita and Mark is a breezy distraction from the hardcore scientific atmosphere. Notwithstanding the fact that the book is a treasure of information and fantasy, at some points the surge of information was too much that the reader would be forced to skip pages. 

The book cover is really good in quality as well as the cover design. There were no copyright details in the book, which could be detrimental to the author since it is easier to plagiarize the work without any copyright details.

The genre has a highly targeted readers. Those who are craving for core science fiction stories will not be disappointed.

Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

About the author

Savio is a resident of Mumbai, India, who grew up on everything sci-fi. Science Fiction has its own charm of unravelling mysteries, boldly going where no man has gone before [yeah I know it is from Star-trek :)] and to seek and find explanations for the unexplained. This is more or less what excites a true sci-fi enthusiast. Savio is one of the enthusiasts too and he is presenting his own version here. Mystery surrounds us in many ways and it is mammoth in proportion to what we know. No one knows what lies beneath the ocean; no one knows what lies beyond our solar system; no one knows how vast the universe is; no one knows if any other extra-terrestrial form exists, but still the pursuit of knowing the unknown will continue unabated and will continue to excite us. This excitement is what Savio attempts to bring out in his books. Savio is blessed with a supportive family and has a day job in India. Writing is his passion and he also writes for many blogging sites. When not writing and not working, which, of course, happens a lot of time, Savio likes to while-away and watch sci-fi movies.


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