A review on Mortal Showdown by Nik Krasno

Book Name             :       Mortal Showdown        
Author                     :       Nik Krasno
Genre                      :       Thriller
Number of Pages    :       250
Publishing Date     :       1st June 2015
Edition                    :       Kindle
ASIN                       :       B00X2DD7ZM

Rating : 3.5


Mortal Showdown is an action packed thriller sending the reader on a kaleidoscopic race through violence, sex, scamming and anti-scamming, political upheaval and murder. 
Michael (Misha) – a Ukrainian oligarch who was rapidly climbing the Forbes rich list, wakes from a coma caused by an assassination attempt and realizes that he's in the thick of a multilayered attack on him and his business empire. Making things even worse - among his numerous adversaries is one of Russia’s most influential strongmen. From rich and powerful, Michael very quickly becomes a fugitive, struggling for survival. Counting on his wits and a handful of loyal associates, he searches for a way to even the score with each of his adversaries and to save his country from the Russian bear’s grasp. 
In order to have the slightest chance in a face-off with his prime nemesis, Michael needs to attack head on, undertaking the greatest risk of his entire life. Unfortunately, the dangerous mission goes wrong from the very beginning...


Michael Vorotavich(Misha)- Ukranian Oligarch, Protagonist
Sasha Vorotavich- Misha's brother
Masha  - Micha's friend
Oleg, Boris- Misha's friends and accomplices
Arthur - Misha's Bodyguard
Colonel Alexander Korbalyov- Puppet Master, who is after Misha's life
Sarah- Masha's mother
There is a long cast, Johnny,Denis,Aqsaqal , the list is unending.


Michael Vorotavich resurrects from coma to know that his brother is kidnapped. Through reliable sources, he gets to know that Puppet Master is behind the abduction. Misha sets out to meet Kasakhstan president, whose friendship is used to release Sasha. After the release, Misha and Sasha sets out for a fun trip to Thailand. When he is back, Misha's world goes upside down to know the long story of betrayal and he finds himself as a fugitive. He begins his come back by finishing his enemies one by one.


I must counter-attack, I realized, otherwise with the scale and multifaceted nature of attacks, I could be finished by the end of the year.
This is an out and out boy’s book. As the blurb says, it’s an action packed thriller explaining the Geopolitical insights of Ukrainian Civics in a fictitious background. The storyline is strong, with a chance of evoking a political storm. The first and foremost thing that struck my mind is the disclaimer in the beginning, for the under-aged. The book is well edited. The language is crisp and tight. For the lovers of the underworld drama with violence, sex, scams, politics, and murder, this is a perfect book and worth the money.


A Major drawback of the book is portraying women as a fun material. Being a woman, this really disturbed me. Michael shows concern about his wife but the feeling of love and passion towards his wife was missing. In an unending tendency to portray the protagonist as a larger than life human being, the story became unnecessarily violent.

One Liner

An out and out boy’s book for action lovers

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About the Author

Nik Krasno was born in Kiev, USSR in the seventies. At the age of 17, seeing the enormous Soviet Empire crumbling around him, Nik immigrated to Israel, where he became a lawyer at the age of 23. 
Returning to now independent Ukraine in the late nineties as an Israeli citizen, Nik established with partners an international law firm and managed it during its first years. He built the firm's reputation and later supervised its work from an Israeli law office. As a lawyer Nik counselled a wide range of multinational sovereign, corporate and individual clients, engaged in diverse areas and industries. 
Simultaneously with promoting his law office, Nik worked for an international business group and took part in different projects primarily in real estate as well as in privatisation, defence, medicine and telecommunication in Ukraine and some other countries, such as Moldova, Russia, Poland and Lithuania. He has been sharing his time between family in Israel and work and business mostly in former USSR countries. 
Witnessing the meteoric rise under new capitalist rules of a small number of individuals from modest Soviet citizens to mighty billionaires, who often neglected any rules or laws, Nik felt compelled to expose to the world the unique phenomena taking place in a less familiar part of the globe. The fictional plot combines real and imaginary events with some 'lawyers' folklore' and known and made up corruption and criminal schemes customary for Ukraine and other former USSR republics. The author also tried to portray some cornerstone events in the history of Ukraine and to share some insight into the glorious and simultaneously tragic events of 2013 uprising resulting in ousting of the president, ensuing Russian aggression in Crimea and tensions and war in the Eastern regions of Ukraine. The imaginary characters are designed to reflect real behaviour and mentality and provide decent entertainment for the readers.
People are always curious how someone made countless fortunes. Many followed with interest picturized bio of Facebook's founder or that of Apple's. Their stories may just look trivial when compared with those of their Eastern peers.... 
After selling his share in the law office, Nik currently resides and works as an independent legal practitioner and an author in Israel.
Nik is married + 4

Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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