Poetic science fiction review of Genesis by Andreas Laurencius

Book Name             :                Genesis   
Author                     :               Dr. Andreas Laaurencius
Genre                      :               Sci-Fi
Number of Pages    :                357
Publishing Date     :               September 2015
Edition                    :               Kindle Edition
ISBN                       :               13: 9781515057611         
Rating : 4.0


There is no good or evil. We classify things into good and evil because we are currently unable to solve the two problems of the world: death and dearth. If there ever comes a time when we can solve these problems, we won't be required to do this anymore.” 

For the first time in history, the truth is out.

This story reveals to you the truth about reality and the fabric of the universe, which up until now had been kept secret from mankind.

This book solves the enigmas that have perplexed even the greatest thinkers of the world throughout the ages: what is soul, what is human, what happens after we die, what law governs the universe.

From personal spiritual awakening to the grand design of the world's systems, from love stories to the realm of quantum physics, this book carries you through time, from the beginning of consciousness to the future, where the hidden-but-now-revealed truth holds.

If Jesus Christ was the one we read in the bible, he couldn't possibly be the Son of God. If Muhammad was the one we read in the Quran, he couldn't possibly be the Messenger of God. If Buddha thought and acted the way we know from the many books, he hadn't developed the true awareness. If Hindu's Gods liked to war the way we read in many books, then their existence is questionable. Why? It's simple, because the stories we read about them showed that they didn't know.

Genesis, on the other hand, knows.

For the first time, you will also be given the explanation/clues:
1. Why the universe is infinite.
2. How to come up with the ultimate theory and get rid of the discrepancies among theories, by giving the correct definition of absolute distance, space, matter, and reality.
3. What actually happened in the beginning of the universe: it was not big bang.
4. Whether parallel universes exist. What are they? Can we go there?
5. That due to the new definition of space and time, it is not possible to go to the future.
6. Why there isn't any singularity inside a black hole.
7. What gravity is.
8. Why scientists keep getting it wrong.
9. What soul is, and the reason why this world is full of sufferings.
10. That there is no hell, and there is no heaven, and ultimately the truth will be revealed against THE BIGGEST LIE IN THE WORLD EVER, which has shaped the foundation of humanity from the very beginning of its time.


Junhuan      :         The protagonist; Scientist. Turthseeker
Andy, Ningzhen, Cordelia, Henry, Takeshi: Junhuan’s Friends      
Avella         :         Junhuan’s girlfriend
Farrah, Pyrrhia, Jolie, Darlene : Posthuman children
Aedan         :         Junhuan’s Tibetan master
Nala-2, Aigis, Heylel, Avi : The real brains behind the genesis.       


The story happens in 2029. Junhuan leads a happy and excited life with his friends. The building Yu Huang, which he designed is the talk of the world. Living a life searching for the truth behind the existence of humanity and life, Junhuan travels through several facets of life. Back home, a disaster awaits him along with his family and friends. The Shy-9999 virus dishevels Junhuan’s universe and takes him to another world of Gleis. What happens in the new world? What did he learn there? How did he survive? What happens to his family? To get the answer to these questions, grab a copy of the book.

My Review

     The book deals with several topics. Philosophy, psychology, spirituality, biotechnology etc poetically. Author tries to find the philosophical meaning of the scientific findings. This is an enlightening book, which evokes the untouched areas of thought process. The friendship between Junhuan and his friends is conveyed well to the readers without any exaggeration. The idea of Yu Huang is quite imaginary. From a world of science, author takes us to Tibet, the world of spirituality. Author analyses the truth behind and the hollowness of years old beliefs. From the intellectual and spiritual flow, author takes us back to another world of unrest. The post human life is also depicted with an imaginative elegance. The book deals several serious topics with  utmost sincerity. The Shy-9999 attack cannot be casted out like just a Sci-Fi imagination but these days bio war can be expected any second. A detailed account of the life after death makes us think about the immaterial life and envisions us of the reality of life.
A violent adult is a stubborn child who has grown strong.

The journey in the second chapter was a little bit longer than required. The Tibetan journey could have been elaborated since the topic handled could not be conveyed properly in a single chapter. The pace of the story is not steady but due to the seriousness of the topic handled, the slow pace at certain chapters can be justified.
Creation is the ability to perceive nothingness as a sequence

One Liner

A philosophical, spiritual, scientific fiction.

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Reviewed for the author

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book as a complimentary copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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