Anything for the rulers of my heart

Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling in the life of a woman. Cliché, isn’t it?
Yes, this is a cliché, which no mothers would be tired of saying. The soft touch of those tiny fingers, the smooth abut of the lips, the enticing feel of the eyes…
The first time the nurse brought my daughter for breastfeeding, colostrum hadn’t started coming. So she took her away. But my puny little child held the IV wire as if saying that I don’t want to leave my mother. My eyes welled. I swore that I would do anything humanly possible to give her the best of everything. From the best hospital to the best school, from the best dress to the best toys. The first feel I had when she refused to leave me minutes after her birth, never left me. I did whatever possible to give her the best.
After two years, I had my son. I treated him the same way as I treated my daughter. If she is my princess, he is my prince. The rulers of my heart. But after a month, my poor little thing started reacting to the foreign matters mingling with his body. Dry skin, rashes, redness, pain. I could not see his agony but I was not able to decipher the real reason behind the allergy, nor did the doctors find out. Then I decided to cast out all the foreigners from his body. I gave the best to him but I decided to give the bestest. I did umpteen things to bring his skin back to the normal baby soft velvet one. The top five, I share with you now.
    1.       Dress.
I changed his clothes. I threw the old clothes but did not give it to charity since I did not want any child to be victimized. I gave him purest cotton dresses from reliable firms. Trust me local weavers are far better than the international brands when it comes to the little ones.
   2.       Bath Time.
I threw the soap and body wash. The well-known brand, which I used, was not trustworthy, it seemed. Hence, I made green gram powder at home and bathed his in it. The purity of homemade body wash worked well. It made his body extremely soft and smooth. I applied good quality Olive oil before bathing his for retaining moisture. I applied coconut water to avoid prickly heat from attacking him.
   3.       Body Lotion
Post bathing I applied the best quality body lotion all over his body. Through experience, what I learned was that baby powder is not so good for kids. Hence, I continued using body lotion thrice a day
   4.       Baby Bed and play gym
Being a baby, he spent more time in bed and his play gyms till he started walking. Hence, I made sure he had the best of them. I changed the bed and play gym every three months so that no dust or other impurities lingered on.
   5.       Diaper

After following the aforesaid methods like a religion, dryness in his skin vanished magically. But, his rashes failed to leave his body, especially genitals. I was perturbed to see my little one’s pain. Diaper rash creams became his daily routine. Later realization embraced my dumb brain that the diaper would be the culprit. I discarded the diaper and started using cloth. I waited for the rashes to vanish since I was so confident about the natural home remedy.

Nevertheless, the cloth diaper did not work. After each micturition, the cloth got wet and disturbed his sleep and finally he became a sleepless baby, which in turn became a nightmare for me. Then I noticed that I missed out one important fact. I had been using the diaper provided by the hospital and did not bother to change the brand.

Then I changed his diaper to PAMPERS PREMIUM CARE PANTS. Its soft inner lining pampered his skin with as much love as possible. It absorbed moisture completely and always kept his skin dry and pure. It kept him dry; working for as long as twelve hours.

Can you believe this? Yes, they claim only 10 hour’s dryness but pampers keep them dry for as long as 12 hours. The belt of the pants were so soft and stretchable that it left no marks on his body. Since it is diaper pants, it was so easy to make him wear. Diaper draping became hassle free. Pampers pampered him as perfectly as his own mother. 


Do you think it’s a Sci-fi?? No its stark reality. Pampers does have a wetness indicator.

Do you think I am the only mother with such an experience? NO!! Just watch this

Now what more should I say? This is the best; no bestest. “Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”


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