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The Part I Left With You By Rahul Saini -Simple Yet Enviable Craft

I am not a romance lover - precisely Indian Romance. To narrow it down, Indian bestselling romance because for some undecipherable reasons, romance in Indian literature needs cheesy sequences, puppy love and unwanted lovemaking scenes. Still I went for The Part Left With You for the sole reason that I have liked the craft of the author's previous book. Did Rahul Saini disappoint this time? Let's analyse. The not so perfect protagonist: The Part I Left With You is the tale of Ratna, Ronit and Natasha. Natasha and Ronit have been head over love with each other but gradually the blue eyed boy transformed into someone who Natasha could not recognise. Falling out of love is what they saw later. When Ratna, a mass communications student approaches Ronit, the bestselling author with for a interview as a part of her project, she expected the handsome hunk who adorned the back page of his books. Nonetheless, the one who opened thr door to his house and a few days of life is a deteriora

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