Relatable, Thrilling and Tangible - Saira Zariwala Is Afraid By Shabnam Minwalla

Prescient, Ethereally Realistic, Haunting - Pull Of The Stars By Emma Donoghue

Arzoo-Arshan by Mukul Kumar - Fast paced, intellectual and short.

Death In Colaba Bay - A captivating blend of mystery, thrill, and drama.

Club You To Death by Anuja Chauhan - Unputdownable With Action, Mystery And Spices

Bahubalis of Indian Politics by Rajesh Singh - Explosive, Courageous and Honest

Murder At The Muzaira By Raza Mir - A Classic For The Years To Come By

I Can, Sir By Pathak - Real, Painful And Unforgettable

Love, Pain And Loss - It Ends With A Dream By Medha Nagur

That's True I Love Her By Priyanka M.A. Singh

Brand New Start by Mainak Dhar - High Entertainment Quotient And Reliability Par Excellence

Fast-Paced, Cliffhanger - Daylight by David Baldacci